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PAM Sweeping offers parking garage sweeping services throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Nassau & Suffolk County.

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Parking garage sweeping so affordable, 

you’ll reduce your operating expenses.

As a property manager, there's no question you would value a reliable and cost-effective means to remove dust and other debris from your indoor or underground parking garage. Rest assured, we have the equipment, experience and flexibility to meet your needs. We've developed systems to reduce costs and water usage while improving quality, and we'll pass on these savings to you. Furthermore, we can provide all of this with minimal disruptions to the day to day operations of your facility.

Our parking garage sweeping services can be customized to suit your needs:

  • indoor parking garages
  • underground parking lots
  • shopping malls
  • schools, universities and colleges
  • municipal parking lots
  • condominiums and apartment buildings
  • hotels, banquet halls and conference centers

Parking garage sweeping so complete,

you’ll prolong the life of your pavement.

Sand, salt and debris does not only look bad, but if left to build-up can wreak havoc on your paved surfaces. These substances along with their abrasive and eroding capabilities will eventually break down your pavement and concrete. A regular, thorough parking garage sweeping program with our technically advanced equipment will quickly remove sand and salt. And importantly, it will prolong the life of your pavement.
Parking garage in need of sweeping
Parking garage sweeping machine

Parking garage sweeping so comprehensive, 

you'll improve your indoor air quality.

Our professional parking garage sweeping services combined with our expert pressure washing services will leave your parking area in absolute pristine condition. Our services will also greatly increase your indoor air quality. With less dust for moving vehicles to stir up, everyone will be a whole lot happier.


parking garages swept since 1963.

*As of March 28, 2017
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Our operators are well-trained, and will take the time to familiarize themselves with your unique site layout.
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Our sweepers produce an airtight chamber that can easily suck up gravel, sand and debris.
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Proud member of NAPSA

Exceeding industry standards concerning driver training, safety and insurance requirements.
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What our customers say

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"The PAM sweeping crew is second to none in Queens...they're always on time and very competitively priced."
"Once we switched to PAM our sweeping headaches were gone. For years now they have been reliable and responsive."
"While many other companies may offer the same services my experience has been that it is not with the same quality and attention as PAM/Powerhouse."