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Street sweeping SERVICES IN metro NEW YORK & long island

PAM Sweeping offers street sweeping services throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Nassau & Suffolk County.

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Street sweeping so cost-effective,

you'll cut down on expenses.

The rising costs of capital equipment and labor have led to more and more city planners and homeowner associations moving toward privatizing their street sweeping operations. This can significantly cut down on city expenses. Furthermore, street sweeping services performed by a company you can trust, and hold accountable, will also extend the life of your asphalt and reduce the number of clogged storm drains and sewers. All of this together serves to cut down on expenses and save the city money.

We provide professional street sweeping services to the following:

  • city planners
  • street superintendents
  • homeowner associations

Street sweeping so conscientious,

you’ll promote community pride.

Street sweeping not only makes a positive financial impact on our communities and neighborhoods, it also makes a positive impact on our environment as well. Each year, street sweeping services offered by our contractors help divert millions of pounds of dirt and dust that might otherwise end up in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Indeed, being good to our environment leads to greater community pride and we consider that to be a great achievement.
Street Sweeping truck on residential street
Street Sweeping truck on municipal street

Street sweeping so complete,

you'll enhance property values.

As a city planner, street superintendent or a member of a home owners association, you recognize that clean streets that are swept regularly enhance property values. After all, the overall cleanliness of a neighborhood can certainly make a positive impression on the minds of potential property buyers and real estate investors. We all know the saying "location, location, location," why not make your location a clean one.


streets swept since 1963.

*As of March 28, 2017
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Our sweepers produce an airtight chamber that can easily suck up gravel, sand and debris.
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Exceeding industry standards concerning driver training, safety and insurance requirements.
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What our customers say

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"The PAM sweeping crew is second to none in Queens...they're always on time and very competitively priced."
"Once we switched to PAM our sweeping headaches were gone. For years now they have been reliable and responsive."
"While many other companies may offer the same services my experience has been that it is not with the same quality and attention as PAM/Powerhouse."